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Cloudinspot has helped us in visualizing and optimizing our AWS cloud. For a SMB like ours, Cloudinspot helps us with daily notifications to macro-manage the cloud services as per the utilization of resources and budget. It provides us a simple way to track our daily AWS usage bills with its slick GUI. It has made it possible for our company to scale further in terms of optimal care offered to our customers.

- HappyWorks


Our AWS spend was significantly increasing and it was clear we needed an automated way to gain visibility and control of our costs. We needed to understand where our spend was going, what we were using, and who was responsible. Cloudinspot offered us the best solution for full visibility and control. Within the first two weeks of implementing Cloudinspot, we saw immediate results and a very quick ROI.

- Universal Financial Company


Cost-optimization, auditing, and invoicing for all of our accounts were a real struggle when handling the entire process manually. Cloudinspot allows us to quantify our AWS deployments and helps us make decisions regarding reservation purchases and reallocation of AWS resources. Having all our data in one consolidated, easy-to-manage platform has helped us significantly reduce our AWS bill.

- WaferWire

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