Easy Teams Integration

Easy Integration with AWS Accounts.

Get AWS Daily Spend Reports

Anomaly Detection

Enable AWS Cost Monitoring Right In MS Teams

Receive Daily Spend Alerts on MS Teams

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1. Enable Billing access to IAM user:
  • Login as Root user.
  • Go To My Account
  • Go To “IAM User and Role Access to Billing Information” section.
  • Tick the checkbox and click “update”.
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2. Enable Cost Explorer:
  • Sign in to the AWS Management Console
  • Open Billing and Cost Management Console
  • On the navigation pane, choose Cost Explorer
  • On the Welcome to Cost Explorer page, choose "Enable Cost Explorer"
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Enable Scheduler in Teams:

  • First configure the AWS account(s) into the Channel of Teams as shown in Easy Installation steps
  • Navigate to the channel where you have configured the Cloudinspot and click (...) option.
  • Click on the Connectors.
  • Search for Cloduinspot and click Add .
  • Follow the instructions as specified on the connector.

  • Note - Connectors are configured per channel.

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Easy Installation Steps

Install The Teams App

Log in to your Teams workspace and use the “Add to Teams to add cloudinspot app to your workspace

Account Setup

Type /ci command to setup the AWS Account into your teams workspace.

Using The App

Once the configuration is done, press the ‘Verify’ button and get your AWS Account ID verified.


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